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Acrylic Paints


  • Do you give private lessons?
    At this time, I only teach virtually through YouTube and through Skillshare, an online teaching platform.
  • Do you take commissions?
    Yes, I do. Go to the SHOP tab at the top of my Home Page and you can inquire there.
  • How can I become a patron?
    If you're interested in supporting my art business, you can use this PayPal link: Thank you very much.
  • Do you make your originals available to purchase?
    Yes. Many of the tutorial originals are for sale on Fine Art America. They also have other products using my art designs available like cell phone covers, prints, greeting cards, etc. For a link to my shop there, go the top of my Home Page and click on SHOP.
  • Is it okay to use your art lessons for educational purposes?
    Yes! I only ask that you let your students know about my YouTube Channel - Creatively B and my other course offerings so it works out for both of us! If you'd like to purchase my course(s) for your business, please contact me.
  • Do you show in galleries?
    I occasionally will enter a piece in a local gallery show, however, I have never requested a one-man show or showed more than three works of art in a single venue. I am a member of an art group called "How you grow your food" and we regularly show as a group. I'm also a member of a local art association and will at times create a piece specifically for one of their themed shows.
  • How can I receive a course refund?
    I'm sorry that you didn't achieve the results you were hoping to get. Please email me with your request and I'll get your information and send refund from there. Go to the CONTACT tab on the bar at the top of my Home Page to reach me.
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